Welcome to Red House Honey

Red House Honey produces pure Geauga County maple syrup and raw wildflower honey. We are the fourth generation of family to produce maple syrup from the trees on the property. The fields that surround our home are full of clover and wild flowers that provide the bees plenty of foraging. Our bees produce a wonderful honey that's cold uncapped and filtered through a stainless screen and bottled immediately.  The honey is not heated during this process preserving the taste and color.


All our honey is sold as raw wild flower, but I do keep seasons separate for those who prefer spring-early summer or summer-fall honey. I extract two times a year, mid July and late September.  This year we have more than a dozen hives and expect to harvest around 500 pounds of honey. Quantities are limited and are sold in three sizes: 1/2, 1, and 2 pound jars.